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In an effort to encourage good dental health and alleviate rising dental costs, we have developed an "In-House" Dental Savings Plan for our patients SMILE Dental Plan for who do not have dental insurance or find that our plan costs less than their current dental coverage plan. Since nearly all dental insurance plans require group participation to get any type of price reduction, individuals and families seeking dental insurance on their own often find it too expensive to even consider. Our dental savings plan provides a wide scope of benefits at an affordable price to help minimize the cost of your dental needs. It also offers portability; you are not tied to any one employer. This is your plan and it follows you regardless of who you or your spouse works for during the year.

This is NOT dental insurance. Enrolling in our In-House Dental Savings Plan gives you the opportunity to obtain your dental treatment exclusively at our practice for reduced fees. It cannot be combined with dental insurance or other reduced fee dental plans.

Adult Program: $289

Age 17 and over

The Adult Program includes:

Adult Periodic Exams (2 per year)

Routine Cleanings (2 per year)

Check-up X-Rays (1 per year)

Emergency Exam and Xray (1 per year )

10% off all other dental procedures

Children's Program: $229

Ages 3-16

The Children's Program includes:

Routine Cleanings (2 per year)

Check-up X-Rays (1 per year)

Child Periodic Exams (2 per year)

Fluoride Treatment (2 per year)

Emergency Exam and Xray (1 per year )

10% off all other dental procedures

To be eligible for regular cleanings, patients must not have been diagnosed with Periodontal Disease. Patients with a history of Periodontal Disease must enroll in the Periodontal Program.

Benefits and Provisions of the In-House Dental Savings Plan

  • No Annual Deductible
  • No Annual Maximums
  • No Preauthorization's Required
  • No Waiting Period or Eligibility Periods for Major Treatment
  • No Missing Tooth Clause Restrictions or Exclusions
  • Annual Enrollment Fee for each family member is non-refundable.
  • Annual Enrollment Fees are due at time of enrollment. No exceptions.
  • Enrollment Date begins on the first of the month and when fee is paid in full. Plan expires after 365 days.
  • Family members (who must all have the same address) can enroll at different times of the year. To maximize coverage, all family members should enroll during the same month.

All treatments must be PAID IN FULL at each visit to keep the plan in effect.

  • The exams, bitewing x-rays, cleanings, and fluoride must occur within the year of enrollment and cannot be carried over to the next year.
  • It is the patient's/parent's responsibility to make and keep appointments for his/her family members.
  • A fee (based on length of appointment) may incur for each broken appointment without a 48-hour advance notice.
  • Our program is not transferrable to another party or uncovered family member.
  • Participation cannot be combined with any other offer or dental plan.
  • All fees shall be based on our practice's UCR fees and not any other dental plan's fees.
  • Annual Enrollment Fees and Procedures are subject to changes during the year

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